Knights/Dames Ranks, Postnominals and Protocols

The Prior and Priory Council recommend to the Grand Prior Aspirants for admission to the Order. After approval by the Grand Prior the Aspirant joins the Order as a Donat. Following Investiture, their Rank is Knight or Dame of Honour. Promotion is on merit based on continual service to the community and service to the Order. Promotion is not based on length of membership in the Order. The postnominals for each rank, the order of promotions and titles are as shown in the table below.  

Rank Postnominal Title
Knight of Honour KSJ Chevalier
Knight of Grace KGSJ Chevalier
Knight Commander of Grace CGSJ Chevalier
Knight of Justice KJSJ Chevalier
Knight Commander of Justice CJSJ Chevalier
Knight Grand Cross of Justice GCSJ Chevalier
Bailiff OSJ His Excellency Bailiff


Dame of Honour DSJ Dame
Dame of Grace DGSJ Dame
Dame Commander of Grace CGSJ Dame
Dame of Justice DJSJ Dame
Dame Commander of Justice CJSJ Dame
Dame Grand Cross of Justice GCSJ Dame
Grand Dame/Bailiff OSJ Her Excellency Grand Dame



The Postnominals for the Order of Saint John of Jerusalem, Knights Hospitaller follow The Order of Australia, Order of the British Empire and Military Decorations but should precede all professional and university degrees.