May the motto of the Order, Pro Fide Pro Utilitate Hominum, For Faith For Service to Humanity, guide us on our journey.

Officers of the Grand Priory of Australasia


HE Bailiff David Wilckens OSJ
Grand Prior

Chevalier Richard Trigg CJSJ
Deputy Grand Prior

Chevalier Graeme Gatley KJSJ 
Grand Priory Chancellor

Dame Janet Synot OAM CJSJ
Prior of Victoria

Chevalier Peter Robertson KJSJ
Prior of South Australia

Chevalier Edward Gauden OAM KJSJ 
Prior of Tasmania

HE Bailiff Sydney JP Borg OSJ
Prior of New South Wales
Chevalier John Emerson AM CGSJ
Grand Priory Treasurer
Chev Richard Dennis AM PSM KGSJ
Grand Priory Secretary
Dame Helen Trigg OAM DJSJ
Lieutenant Hospitaller
Dame Dr Leonie Clyne OAM CGSJ
Lieutenant Chamberlain 

Chevalier Canon David O'Neill KJSJ
Prelate (ex officio)




Ranks, Postnominals

The Prior and Priory Council recommend Aspirants to the Grand Prior for admission to the Order. After approval by the Grand Prior, the Aspirant joins the Order as a Donat. Following Investiture, their rank is Knight or Dame of Honour.

Promotion is on merit based on continual service to the community and service to the Order. Promotion is not based on length of membership in the Order.

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